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yeah, for some weird reason, I checked out the shipping to the States and was puzzled why it's cheaper to Canada! Thanks for IDing these!!
WOOOOOW i LoOOOVE those!! i want them too!
Seven Jeans (size 2 - (eBay item 180148098587 end time Aug-18-07 07:15:12 PDT) I got them cheap and I'm fairly confident that they are authentic but I just want to confirm with you guys! Thankssssss
I've got these, and I agree.. I'm usually a 27, but i have a 26 in these and they fit fine. I love them!!
those tags in the pics are all real, IMO
^^ I'm same as you! Gotta love those skinny days
It depends on what wash and what serial number. Some washes run big, some TTS, some small.. As for serial number, for example MNE sigs, the older ones with the orange sig ran TTS but some newer ones with the white sig run large (please correct me if I'm wrong).
Liz, thanks for the intro! I can see that you're geuinely dedicated to this job as a mod.
Liz, you're very sweet to do this! 1-- Miu Miu 2-- Nappa small tote, large tote, satchels.. No Coffers though. 3--anything less than retail price. Most I think are about $800-1000 and I'll take anything 10% off or more 4--Black or brown 5--New or slightly used. 6--I'm very open as to the style, but I'd like something that looks basic, kind of everyday use. No major details as in the Coffer. Thanks a lot!!
that reminds me of the Seven Dojos that'd have the 7's facing the same way as well. They were just IRRs and real.
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