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My favorite pair... really depends on the day... but I have always been a huge fan of Silvers! This pair is edgy and stylish, and really, make my butt look great!!   
  I want to get a pair of Current/Elliott Skinny Wax Jean in Liquid; I am a true 27 in the hips, but depending on how skinnys fit and how much give they have I can be a 26. I am for sure a 26 in the thigh and leg.    Does anyone know if these have a lot stretch?? Or how the waist fits... slim or regular??   Thanks   http://2.images.singer22.com/static/products/T275x400/1968-0005.jpg  
A jean party... well it sounds like something I would not be able to afford, but if it were real... which by many of the post it seem they sell fakes, but at least you got details and now you know what to expect. Good luck. Hope you get something real or something real good 
I am a huge fan of BKE (Buckle brand) http://www.buckle.com/womens/jeans/brand:bke ... or Big Star (Big Star Vintage)
BKE Sabrina         BKE, the BKE Sabrina to be more precise, is a brand by Buckle, a well credited company that has proven their knowledge and expertise on denim time and time again. Buckle is my key place to shop for new styles, brands and fits. It is said that the company began in 1948 with just a small store in Kearney, Nebraska, and yet they have grown to become one of America's favorite denim destinations know not only for the denim but for the one on...
Interesting...  I have not really given much thought to "renting" clothing... but in some cases this would be great!    I am a military wife and we attend military balls celebrating the birthdays of the branches we are with. My husband is in the Marine Corps and we attend the Marine Ball every November, and to be honest... buying a new dress every year is expensive and most of the time we want a new one each year... so we never wear the same one...
  This looks fantastic! And seeing that I live in Okinawa, Japan… it seems to reason I will be taking a trip to Australia eventually!! And I think I see the Super Spray On Aged Blue along with red and orange hanging there :) I really need a pair of those!!!
Is this where we post the review... 
What is your weakness??  
I went with my skinny VANS tonight! They really hug the butt and the nice dark wash keeps me nice a thin!! woot woot look out Friday!  
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