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Okay I am not too concerned if these are fake. My friend gave them to me and I think she got them at a second hand store. But I am impressed if these are fake cuz they're soft and stretchy and the micro stitching is good but I don't do Sevens so if I wanna sell them I need to know if they are real or not. Thanks!! By the way, they happen to have the "fake" cut number 701856 But I guess what has me stumped is under the cut tag in pic 3 there is another tag...
I decided to post them anyway....no need to reply
I have a pair of these for sale that I can't fit into. And believe me, I am very sad to say so. I was wondering if anyone would be interested or if I should just post on ebay...... mizra LPS-36004 ƒ~ƒYƒ‰ ‚Ý‚¸‚ç ˜a•¿ƒW[ƒ“ƒY ƒŒƒfƒB[ƒXƒu[ƒcƒJƒbƒg ’…•¨’n~ç’¹ŠiŽq ‹ž“s”* El˜a•—ƒfƒjƒ€ ƒW[ƒpƒ“ jeansyƒNƒ‰ƒtƒgƒJƒtƒFz These are the exact ones. Thanks
I've ordered a handful of items in the states to Canada and was a little overwhelmed by the shipping/duty/brokerage/custom etc fees when it comes to UPS (the brown uniform people) I was wondering if anyone ordered with VS and can tell me who the carrier was. UPS or USPS via Canada Post? Thanks I actually called VS and the girl wasn't able to specify anything concrete she said that after an order is placed, and you choose your delivery method which is like 10-14 day...
I'll totally find them. I always find what I am looking for. It may take awhile... My guess is it's a teaser, meaning it's just not available yet. In the meantime I'll keep trying and thanks!
honestly i have no idea how old the add is but when you go onto the dkny site it's one of three pics you see (my opinion would be fairly new). it's just frustrating that it's on the site and yet not available for sale!!! it's the only pic i've seen of them but they are super cool with the twisted seams and such. i think they look great. the bay sells dkny. unfortuantely nothing that's decent. i actually don't even like dkny except the jeans in this ad. they have the...
I usually buy all my jeans online so I am not sure I understand what you mean my problem being that I am in edmonton.
it's an ad for dkny jeans and i cannot find these jeans anywhere on the net available to buy! it's the most frustrating jean search I have ever done and believe me i have done many. Can anyone help?
Just wanna say excellent job!! I love browsing in the new mall. Thanks for all the hard work!!
YAY got the crowns from ya MISS H. You packaged them so nice. I was scared to cut open the envelope but then after I got into it I seen it was wrapped again, then after that it was wrapped again!!!!! Thanks for being so considerate. BTW, they are beautiful and I LOVE THEM. I wanna post pics but is it just me or do some of you girls find your bum looks a little flat in crowns? I think it is because the treading and detail that goes into them on the pockets stiffens...
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