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/\ umm, yeah, that is what I would do. Gotta love living 2 minutes from Detroit and all its fantastic suburbs In fact, I'm going there 2morrow to check out some deals--hopefully. Where at in Ontario are you? If I know what you want to spend I could get it and send it to ya...
I did the super simple way...took my "fat" day PD and put on of those BellaBands over top to hold them up...worked for me. Although I finally broke down and bought a maternity pair of 7FAM...but my invention worked well for a while!
Those are the low rise gingers in Peru wash and they look real to me. It is a pretty wash in person, imo
Oooo I like those too! They remind me of the vintage Honolulu wash, very pretty!
Gross...even my 7 year old who will eat any sugar-base product tasted it today and spit it in the garbage...
I love Etsy...I bought a bunch of jewellery from the seller 'museglass'...she makes stuff from everyday items and recycles them into really cute jewellery. I bought a silver chain necklace that the pendant is a piece of strawberry basket under thin glass..it is one of my favorite items and I get so many compliments on it.
Yup---great deal!
I agree with T and the *handling* fee...I had someone quote me $42.90 to ship ONE PAIR of jeans---in a lightweight wash no less, to Canada. Her reasoning was "all the paperwork" for the customs form...uh, okay. $100 is a little pricey, imo
See...she is soooo freakin' smart. Those are awesome, and HTF, I agree! I have been looking for Antwerp Dojos for a year (in 25/26) and no luck. Good luck in your search
Real I do believe, imo of course
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