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Yeah, 400 seems like a lot and that is why I was trying to find a site online to see if they had them cheaper, but I have no clue what the actual brand name is.
There are these boots/shoes on ebay that are listed as Whoop Di Doo, but I tried searching for that brand on Google with no results. Does anybody know what the actual brand name is?
87q is the best!
I ordered a pair of 71l from revolve, but sent them back because: 1. The wash looks terrible in person 2. The material of the jeans felt very cheaply made I see jeans like these at TJ Maxx every time I go there and believe me they do not cost as much as the Zathan 71l.
The quicker you sell it the better!!
I've been told to stop, but it's sooooo hard, but really I don't need any jeans. I try not to look online, but I still do.
I don't know why that would stop you.
They could be the first pair of fakes, but I would wait till I see pics before calling anyone a fraud.
Quote: Originally Posted by juicytna could it be all 3? I am thinking that it is only one of the above addresses since one matches the credit card used. What a surprise, they still have not returned calls to Atlanta Fixtures.
I voted, but my result was nagative.
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