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^^That's exactly what I was thinking too, Tweety.
Sure! You can PM me if you'd like!
I'm really sorry, Bennyy... It sucks beyond words to get your heart broken.
Quote: Originally Posted by hipslikemonroe I am so shocked at this thread. Honestforum? That was exactly what I was going to say. You have to list at the lowest price that you are willing/able to accept. You have opportunities to modify your listing if you realize that you made a mistake or if you notice after a few days that there is no activity. I think this situation completely sucks, but you need to fulfill your end of the contract. This...
My eyes!!! I'm scarred for life!!! Waaah!!!
Congrats on your great find!!!
Something certainly has to give around here... I am one of the people who misses the old mall- I hate how NEW sales threads are not highlighted so that they blend in with the masses of old, bumped threads... I'm not sure if it's the economy or some other reason, but I used to be able to sell stuff here soooo easily... now, I'm lucky if anyone buys it at all- listed on 2 denim forums AND Ebay..
This thread makes me want to cry.
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