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Jus try to stand up straight when you wear them. Don't make any sudden movements, bend over, sit down, etc...
There have been far worse threads made. At least you posted a pic with yours. You look happy. Ps. the girl in the pink top was checkin you out, I believe.
REAL! Use other thread in future! Thanks! Stop using exclamation points!!!
They will stretch a little more. TR denim is thinner than all my Diesels.
^ I wear the same sizes as you in Diesel. Go with 30w with the TR's
Yeah, those are real.
Quote: Originally Posted by Egotist Sorry for the shiity pic, Levan 764. Authentic 764
Quote: Originally Posted by xtokyorose well one of the jeans was an online return, and the store manager goes "more like an ebay return..motherfuckers", but yea, he put them on the sale rack for 129$...if there's anything else he can do through Diesel or UO, let me know so i can tell him. Wait, he put the fakes on the sale rack for $129?!
I can't believe this is still going on.
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