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^Authentic seller
Quote: Originally Posted by thorough http://cgi.ebay.com/Auth-Diesel-ZAf-...QQcmdZViewItem shouldnt thier be a beltloop tag on the back? REAL. They have been washed a bit. They look significantly diff from a new pair of 710.
Yep, I love the 88s wash. But, That right back pocket = NO
tmilli, please don't try to shrink your jeans. It is completely pointless. Hot water/ high heat drying will shrink them up some, but they will stretch out after 30 mins of wear. Also, it does hurt the wash of the denim. So..if you are unhappy with the fit now, you can do one of two things. Option 1: Eat more and focus on leg workouts Option 2: Size down 1
^Lowky 60b. Very nice as always.
checked the auction out. Seller seems legit. Send a message asking about returns if not authentic before bidding.
^ no link to the auction...
Those are real, and washed out to the max. Get a better pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by Overmind1632 they will shrink until you stretch them out again About 30 mins
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