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Had 70z...and sold them. 796 and 772 are great though. Keep em.
SO hot.
70L has not been faked.
Those look great. You say they fit you perfect right now. If that is the first time you put them on, they will stretch quite a bit from what they are now(82n stretches a lot), and will not be "perfect" anymore. But, what can ya do? Think you could find a 29w around?
Quote: Originally Posted by Egotist Are these 70n? It looks like the tag says 85w. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...7785&rd=1&rd=1 Those are not tags for shazor. Pre-spring/06 tags.
Add 82m to your zathan collection.
Quote: Originally Posted by paula but as alot of blokes hang in this section Nice. You don't have any pics of these? Where did you see them?
Quote: Originally Posted by Egotist Oh my God I actually got one right lol! Sweet I love my $30 diesels You are always pulling good deals. Quote: Originally Posted by hairmanz Look good.
^ egotist, those 772 you posted are authentic
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