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Quote: Originally Posted by jotnapretty Are these ZAF real? http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-MENS-DIESEL-...QQcmdZViewItem Thx Yea that is an authentic seller. Thats not the pair you would get tho, they use the same pics over.
no pics now
Did you talk to her yet? Im getting anxious.
egotist, yes those are real. I cant remember the wash atm though.
^yes, authentic bebel. All that seller's stuff is good to go by the way.
^authentic pics, but beware of new sellers with zero feedback
708 front 710 front 708 back 710 back 710 are gorgeous, but not as versatile because of the teal hue. They go great with white, cream, or black. I have always thought 708 wash looked so gross in pics, then I saw them in person and it was a true story. . .
^And, if I hear zaf 796 is played out one more time I think I will do the same... Awesome pair...girls love them. You're a great gf.
Quote: Originally Posted by kevrocks Some pairs have it stitched on. My vote for that Shazor is real. This is true.
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