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What does this hoodie look like? Never heard of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by CUTUP Get the 60B BC, awesome wash..... Agreed.
Those are Zaf 89p. Can't help ya with the sizing..never tried these out. Dont get them from jeanery tho. I have seen them here in the honestmall, and on ebay for less.
egotist!!! Im not mad. Just disappointed..
Size down one. And pull down bout 2-3 inches.
Quote: Originally Posted by onijo84 Btw does anyone know where i can get them? thanks Why would you want to do that?
Size down one and should be good.
Cannot. Believe. This. Thread. Is. Still. Going.
Quote: Originally Posted by Overmind1632 I agree, I think TR for guys look like cheap baggy jeans Any jeans can be baggy..just buy the right size and they wont be. Problem solved. Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 the TR guys jeans look ok if worn right. Definately they aren't worthy of all the love some people here give them - owning more than a pair or two is silly Perfectly said. I just have two pairs of TR and...
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