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Good wash on those 71j..they fit great also.
Get rid. An awesome deal means nothing if you will never wear them.
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe ibc (in before csirip) Hahahahaha. Ha.
Quote: Originally Posted by braveislander zafs are so played. If you are really tryin to become a little more fashionable get a nice straight leg. . Okay, thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tsukasa not everyone likes a straight cut jean. zathan or zaf is a good start for cuts imo. I agree completely.
Those zaf's in the pics are fake. Period.
aarosurf, those zathan are authentic. I forgot the wash though.
Quote: Originally Posted by bart RARISSIME !!! Jeans DIESEL CHERONE 70T Mod.2006 W25 L32 en vente sur eBay.fr (Achat de l'objet 110055070716 - fin le 22-Nov-06 22:36:58 Paris) real or fake??? i think is fake but... Those are real. That seller is legit.
Lock this thread.
Have them both. 784 is better. My opinion.
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