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I think this seller was kicked off HF, I remember that ebay ID, I think her HF name was Judy1 or something
I use Stronghold on my cats and I've never had any problems with it, it also treats worms and ear mites, I think it costs around £18 for 3 month's worth
Are these real and what wash are they? Thanks!
Don't size up, they look great on you!
Yeah I had to have 1.5 inches hemmed off them. How do you guys manage to take booty pics? I tried but they came out looking totally stupid!
Thanks! They are blue snake roths
At last!! I've wanted some for ages. Thanks ntegragsr93!!
Oh no, I hate it when that happens. They stayed pretty low as well. There's quite a few good deals around at the moment though so hopefully you'll find something else
Ok, I've not given the link out. Hope you win them if you decide to bid
Badly listed. Bidding currently at $15.50, pm me for the link
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