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me me me - it's actually been that way for a few days now... no other problems with any other sites.... makes me think how impatient i'm becoming....
I've haven't been looking at this forum much lately, but I saw this and had to share! Sorry if someone posted it already.... "I can't find anything wrong with them" eBay.ca: NEW WOMENS TRUE RELIGION 500 JEANS 30 DISTRESSED RARE (item 130048804534 end time 23-Nov-06 16:15:36 EST)
2venus - from what I know of UofT and Toronto, you lucky kids start out with a much nicer 'baseline' of dress... I'm usually back in Toronto 5 minutes before I start to see designer denim! And as a hardcore science nerd, I have to say I dress pretty well. I don't actually have 'classes' (grad student), but I wear my nice denim and funky tops every day. I do admit to being obsessive about makeup, but I'm 99% sure it's due to self-esteem issues. I only 'dress up'...
$30 is excessive... I'd say $20 should be sufficient to cover USPS with tracking and insurance (and I'm canadian, so I've never actually shipped anything from the US!). But I agree with Kelly - request total - I think you can add comments, too. It might be worthwhile to do that. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by sunee_S2 i think i heard true religion came with their long inseam jeans with 37" inseam a while back . ive never seen them tho . True - they have them at revolve, if that helps... they're 36".
I have a pair, and I go through love-hate phases with them... I think they run tts, but stretch out a lot (so much that I'd consider sizing down, but I don't think I'd fit into them at first). REALLY comfy. The one thing that really bugs me about them (and my TR joeys) is that I can't get the points on the pocket flaps to lie flat.
I had a primp thermal, and was trying to buy a smaller size off ebay (so I sat at the computer comparing pics). The ONLY authentic ones were the ones that were retail price (and even that didn't guarantee it!). I would say 98% of the primp thermals on ebay are fake. yikes. Oh, and the 'fits small' is a giveaway - they do not fit small! Ttramell is one of the HF 'experts', if you have an auction in mind.... but I'd honestly suggest getting one retail...
and/or answer you pm's! Thank you!
I have a Gossard one, it's pretty good... it's underwired, and not moulded... and it has the sticky stuff.... I'll try to find a pic...
Canadapost is evil, but it's sadly, the better option. As crappy as expedited is, I always use it, because of the tracking + insurance. Xpresspost I find is too pricey, and often, isn't much faster (I've used in it Canada, and it's been as slow as expedited to US, sometimes).... you never can tell with them!
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