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Marc By Marc Jacobs Lovely A-Line Satchel - Satchels - Bloomingdales.com Thanks for all the advice! Keep the ideas coming! What about the bag above?
Ok, So I know Valentine's Day is coming up soon and we always tell our significant others that we aren't getting them anything for V-Day. Well, we all know that is BS and we always end up getting them something. Anyways, on to the real topic. I need some female advice on other purses to consider other than the one I'm currently considering. My wife wants a brown handbag that is medium to large size that doesn't have initials like CC or LV plastered all over the...
Did you see the press conference after the game? I do believe T.O. may have actually been crying for a sec. By the way, does anyone know where I can buy those sunglasses he was wearing?
42" LG LCD TV at Circuit City for 1350
Haha, excellent post. And by the way, I am a 20-something asshole dentist that demands $4000 from all his patients to tell them they have decay. But, I don't feel sorry for you if you say things like "Time is precious and I have better things to do like pass out instead of brushing." I'm pretty sure you're just joking but hey, if you're not, come by my office and I will be willing to take that $4000 gladly! I got loans to pay off.
buy the clk and then change those ugly rims to better ones like these, even though the clk you're asking about isn't amg Mercedes CLK 500 AMG rims.
Bleh, I've been wanting all the pitcher to walk Bonds until he retires. Oh well, I'll say congrats to him but it won't be too long before Pay-Rod breaks his record.
enough with being polite, she sucks...period. Not b/c she's cocky, not b/c she's full of herself. She just sucks...that is all. Oh, and she's not that pretty either.
3-button suits, ha...2-button suits, ha...how 'bout a no button suit...now that's clean..oh and don't wear it off the rack or get it tailored...yeah
i saw the movie and didn't stay for the end...what was the end about
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