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yeah i really doubt it
i got this pair some time ago, burgundy/reddish colour, i love them...great leather quality, you could use them alot without noticing any wear of the pockets. they are f'cking nice but unfortunately a bit big for me now. btw now you know they exist so hope that helps you finding a pair, if you would be interessed just tell me.
this is f**cking sick! what about freedom of speech these days? i know there are more worse situations named, but, what about respecting another person? serious.....
whatever happens, thanks for helping! ^_^
this pair of fakes were actually sold for around 200$ on ebay some time ago. NWT Men's True Religion Snake Skin Detailed Jeans 36x33 - (eBay item 290084157990 end time Feb-22-07 17:21:03 PST)
i got hands on a pair of Tr snake burgundy some time ago, size 33, they retailed for 350$ at revolve. I actually havent used them alot and ive been thinking of maybe selling them, im not a big tr expert so, whats a resonable price?
I really dont know how it happend but, my brother accidently dropped his frontbutton on his marcos, and im just wondering if anyone knows where to get hands on a new one? ^_^
own a pair of your own, thymaster? ^_^
It would really help if someone could assist me with authencity on these? o_O
RA-RE polo
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