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authentic! rate of awesomeness is steep with CH stuff u post a pic if you get hands on a pair!
do you think sizing looks ok? (if u can see anything :] )
Imogen Heap - First train home
we need a reply
dont know bout they run, sorry
yeah i also need to know what that means..?! :/
Seller claims all items are authentic, but i dont understand how can the person have 100% positive feedback when some of the stuff is clearly fake!!!?? maybe im wrong lol? :/ thought i knew dsquared? for example, NEW AUTHENTIC DSQUARED DSQUARED2 DSQ DCZDC JEANS ITALY - eBay (item 320384286820 end time Jun-24-09 12:10:00 PDT)
2 kustom t-shirts 1 miami ink t-shirt 2 zara cardigans which i got a great deal on! random filippa k shirt diesel pants frankie morello pants 2 caps and a pair of zatiny 8GI waiting to get hemmed
have a store in town selling d2, will check it out...
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