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Gslif is a trustable seller, believe it or not even some dsquared down products are now made in china. So it should be OK!
be sure to drop some pics at arrival!
Translation result for http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/importshopdouble/1741.html Translation result for http://double.co.jp/shopping.php?itemNr=1741 shouldnt be any concerns about authencity, cant tell you about the sites thou. will do some research
should be ok! (=
im rollin´my parnis GMT, cheap watch. still running strong thou, expensive is not always a substitute for good looks, is all about cheap laboring. haha have a few of these parnises and would really recommend them if you don´t have the $$, or don´t feel the need to put an whole salary on one timepiece.
for now just hitting mw2 & fifa 10 add me psn applemooze
Tiesto is a f^king nice deejay
this is top-notch
bumping an old mans thread --would id´ those as a pair of FONDA · TF22 (that would be colour 23) but similar styles, all from the tom ford line; -TF107 MAXIME -RODRIGOS · TF134 -ARNAUD B5 · TF0097 -ANDRE · FT 0069
pretty nice
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