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What are those brown boots on 1st and 3nd to the left on the highest row?
    They are the Ronnie Fieg x Sebago Dockside Collection.        
those are pretty slick, liking the sidezip and the overall "kleaness".. snatch a pair in your size before there gone! 
Got my Paul Smith boots today! yay Also picked up a leatherjacket from Richmond X. Lots of hangers from IKEA             
Maffionista: Each and everytime im stunned, you have great style!   Armistice: Thats a clean watch, where did you get it and how $$? :) I really need to pick up a good waxed jacket.. great for the fall and winter season!     my turn;   YUP.. pink cameras rule! :)       H&M Shirt Standard Vest Dolce Gabbana Jeans Paul Smith Thunder boots    
        Waiting for delivery of these things  :D  
would want to help you, but the links doesnt work out for me :(
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