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In actually waiting for mine, should receive them tomorrow, they look pretty cool!
Saint Laurent varsity, probably won't wear it for couple of month, for the last week it was 106 degrees outside in NorCal.
So with Jakes it's better to stick with your W30 sizing, as for Rack N Rail W31 going to fit you just fine. You can't relly compare Tepphar to 17.5 Diors. I have like 9-10 pair of Diors right now, at most had 13 and only had to size up for Rack N Rail. I sized down to 28 for my 17.5 Raws at first they were uncomfortable but they did stretch in the end.
Here are the measurements Thighs: 24.5 Knee: 18.5 Hem: 17 I think they are going to be like a leggings in the thigh area, you are going to be fine everywhere else thru.
I have all of them, I think Rack N Rail are the ones you should go with. Rack N Rail - 100 Cotton (Definitely size up from your normal size, I'm 29 in Jake and Work A Day but had to go with 30) Have two pair of Jakes from different seasons too, here is one of them will take pics of Work A Day and another pair of jakes if you want to look at them.
All the jeans are in size 29, this is my usual size I go with Diesels and 17.5 Diors.They are more loose than 602S, reminds me of another pair I have 68Z, for some reason maybe because of the treatment, and these are soft, perfect pair for a summer.I got mine from cultizmhttp://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p3635_Diesel-Tepphar-0813W-Jeans-Stained-Indigo.htmlNo VAT for US costumers, so it was relatively cheap.If you never had Diesel chinos before, you might find...
For me its tepphar 8Y0
Mine are Tepphar 602S, Tepphar 813W and Chi Tight B     Saint Laurent Hi Tops and Bape Camo Shirt
This is most true color   As for size   Waist is 16.5 in Thigh : 9.5 in Leg Openning : 7 in   My pair is in size 29, it's very tight in the knee area and very loose in the waist.
Received my Chi-Tight B today, and to my surprise for 320$ bucks I got pants that were made in Tunisia not like previous Chi-Tight B that I have are MII. Quality wise the new ones from Tunisia are much ticker than MII ones from couple of seasons ago, will post pics tomorrow.  
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