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1. per se 2. kuruma zushi 3. l'atelier de joel robuchon 4. jean georges 5. the first time @ nobu (subsequent visits are not as exciting)
sony w810i
I'm obsessed with Iron & Wine's "Trapeze Swinger" (Radio Vienna version, from his latest single)
They look great on you, but how do the 26's look? Pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by turn_your_head kitchener is out of straight sven dry selvage they have the dry, but not the dry selvage
Quote: Originally Posted by adsurgo nah man. im pretty sure they go to 27 in rescues. dont just go by what the site says. no they don't. i'm certain.
Quote: Originally Posted by ruehl my very first pair! apc rescues - size 28 theyre a little loose, but they didnt have a 27. after cold soak/hang dry and twoish hours of wearing: so excited to break these in! now way these are rescues. smallest size they come in is 29.
Don't soak your nudies. Its pointless.
i think they look great!
if you want a comfortable fit, whats the point of having dry jeans? you want dry jeans to be really tight when you first get them to get the fades in the right spots. but after a while, they'll stretch to a comfortable state
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