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well, the seller finally got back to me regarding the tag. according to him he purchased the coat from "Dior Homme MSN member _Mathieu_" have you ever heard of this seller? edit: and he said he will be contacting "_mathieu_" to ask about why the tag is missing
http://x016.uploaderx.net/x/1182977017.jpg front http://x016.uploaderx.net/x/1182977190.jpg back i appreciate your help very much. the dh group hasn't been too responsive to my inquiries. i made a thread about buckle material a few days ago, but no response. i even made a thread about the legitimacy of this coat before purchasing it, but no response on that either. if this turns out to be a fake (which seems probable unfortunately) am i covered by paypal or AMEX...
i also see there are four holes where the dior tag was. looks like it was torn off.
the buckle is not metal. the buckle has a design to it so it replicates the horn buttons, so i cannot say it is solid black. the fabric does feel good to me. there was a fake one on ebay not too long ago (eBay: DIOR HOMME by Hedi Slimane FW06 Military Coat Jacket 46 (item 140124678163 end time Jun-11-07 15:02:30 PDT)) but the inside pockets look completely different on this fake. did they produce different fakes of the same coat? edit: the neck clip is indeed metal...
i apologize. it is 75% wool
70% wool 20% polyamide 5% cashmere
here are the photos left in their original high resolution state for accuracy http://x017.uploaderx.net/x/1182817174.jpg http://x017.uploaderx.net/x/044_1182817174.jpg http://x017.uploaderx.net/x/355_1182817174.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by advancedart just give us some pictures. recently most fakes came from australia also has the m65 a belt? if yes it has been faked. yes it has a belt. does the legitimate version not have a belt? i will provide photos later
ah i see it goes on the lining not the wool part eBay: NEW DIOR HOMME 2004 VOTC DUFFLE COAT sz46 ULTRA RARE !! (item 140127493813 end time Jun-17-07 07:13:15 PDT) according to this auction anyhow... the inside design on my jacket is exactly the same
well, i purchased an m65 coat from f/w 06 the paris, washing, and size tag all check out fine, but there is no dior tag. the fabric also feels substantial, and from what i can tell the stitching is all up to par as well. the coat is used and came with the leather tab with extra buttons, too, which further makes me lean toward the authentic side. i purchased this from a seller in australia (wasn't an ebay transaction). this is going to be a real pain to...
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