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Do these look real? http://i1.ebayimg.com/03/i/000/95/2b/8502_1.JPG http://i10.ebayimg.com/05/i/000/95/2b/85ff_1.JPG http://i19.ebayimg.com/04/i/000/95/2b/8724_1.JPG Thanks!
Thanks for everyone's help. This totally sucks b/c I thought these were real. Anyways I refunded the money to the person I sold these to. Thank goodness I didn't send them yet. I filed my paypal claim and hopefully I get my money back soon! Should I file a claim with ebay as well or is the paypal claim sufficent?
I bought these on ebay last week and looking at the tags they looked real to me because the numbers were printed not stitched, the font on the 25 looked good to me, and the style number matched up with the one listed in the forum. I put them up for sale in HM because I didn't like the way they looked on me and someone PM'd me saying they think these are fakes. Can I get a second opinion? Here's the link http://www.honestforum.com/womens-sz...heap-sold.html
thanks for the help everyone!
I just won these on ebay. Do they look authentic to you guys? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=110006907136 Thanks!
Does anyone know how these jeans fit? I normally wear a size 26 in SFAM. Would I wear the same size in Hudson jeans? Also which styles are the best fitting? Thanks!
Do these look real? Here are some pics: http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/0/9/2...1208548_tp.jpg http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/0/9/2...1208529_tp.jpg http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/0/9/2...1208546_tp.jpg Thanks!
Do these look real? http://cgi.ebay.com/SEVEN-FOR-ALL-MA...QQcmdZViewItem thanks
So I bought some A pockets today at Nordstrom Rack but I think they might be fakes because on the tag the style and cut numbers are stitched on, not printed. Does this mean I bought fake Sevens?? Thanks.
thanks for the help everyone!
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