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Thanks for your help! I think I'm going to pass on them even though I only wanted them to wearing with boots. I'll just stuff my Stellas into them. LOL
Just how skinny are we talking? I know some people were saying how some Stella bootcuts can be hard to pull over the calf. I'm ok with Stellas but I have those Billie Bootcut jeans and they are fitted on the calves. Will the Ultra Skinnys be too tight on me? How does the sizing run?
No one from here is going? That's a first! I was hoping someone would be able to pick up a pair of Librium Padded Logo Roths in size 29 or 30 for me. I can't find these anywhere. I'll gladly pay a finder's fee as well!
Thanks for posting! Those are some great deals.
Someone should grab those crowns. I would but I don't like the new crown very much.
I'm soooo jealous. I want those Roths! *adds them to wishlist*
OMG I like those Neptune Roths! Are those a sample or were they available in stores too?
$10 for leather belts? Now people better have bought some stuff to resell or they are nuts!
Quote: Originally Posted by Exes and Ohhs I guess some of them will end up in the mall and some on ebay AMAZING! Great haul! What's the style/wash of the size 29 pair at the bottom of the second pic? I'm so confused about the title. LOL
I want/need some Roths! Come on resellers!
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