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   Thanks for both answers ! I'm gonna follow your instructions. As for the pics, i'm gonna take some while wearing it outside with a good light and after, so you can see the difference. Probably some additional too, so you can see the details in close up :)
Hello everyone :)   So I own a pair of Koolter 8y9 (Turbo Denim) that i've worn for about 1 year or more now. I'd like to give it it's first wash.   I'm adressing to all the guys on here that got a pair of turbo denim, How did you wash it for the 1st time ? Did you respected the Diesel instructions for this pair  50/60 degrees machine wash inside out, go for a classic 30/40 degrees wash mashine "inside out" or put it in the bathtub with some detergent for about 30...
@leftvapor Thanks. Yeah you're right. Because I ordered a "wudy" online, and it's the first time i buy this type of jacket and so i wanted to have an idea of the cut etc...
@leftvapor Is that a "wudy" coat from diesel ? On the first pic
@Freeradical82 : The 8QM comes in Larkee, Narrot and Krooley cuts and they're selvedge.
Thanks for the quick answer. I'll try to see what i find in that cut.
Keep ! they fit you well.
Damn.. I wish it was less tight..because it seems i got too big calves for the thavar cut :S thanks for the quick answer tho.. What's the other cut in DBG close to Koolter, Darron or even Safado ? Because i really like that 8ML wash.
Hey Phukette really nice fit on those DBG.What's the closer cut to the 8ML in diesel ? I really don't have any knowledge in Black Gold cuts
@sac000 Absolutely great fit ! Do you know the model of your Aldo sneakers ? Btw it could take pics of them it would be cool. I'd like to have a closer look
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