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Perfect condition Diesel Cardigan. Very subtle accents - I wish it still fit me. Fits extra small.   Free shipping to the continental US    
Great condition with cool details. Size medium Guess Velvet Blazer   Free shipping to the continental US    
Flawless grey denim Diesel blazer. Ill let the pictures do the talking   Free shipping to the continental US   Size medium - slim fit    
One of the rarest washes around - Diesel has never made a grey jeans like this again!   The only reason I am selling these is because I gained weight and own two pairs. This one has only been washed ONCE in woolite dark, hung dry. Wash is immaculate.   These have the coveted X-Rotuck style pockets everyone loves, and reslim is a classic tapered cut.   In general I am negotiable with price, but I would prefer no lowball offers on these. Thanks
Mint condition pair of Trouleg 61e. Wore these rarely as I gained weight soon after purchase.   Washed sparingly in woolite dark only (along with the rest of my jeans). Always hang dried.   For exact measurements feel free to ask.   Free shipping in the continental US!   **PRICE DROP**
Classic wash in a popular cut. I wore these rarely due to gaining weight along with some other pairs of jeans I'm selling. Mint condition and a beautiful copy.   If you need exact measurements, feel free to post or email.   Free shipping to the continental US via reliable USPS priority. If your outside the US please contact me so I can get your location and lookup a fair shipping price.   **PRICE DROP TO $75**    
Im looking for some clark kent esque glasses ( I have to get reading glasses, low perscription of 0.75). I like the rayban wayfarer style (this seems to be the most similar) but am unsure as of to what size to get, and what model. Also, can I just buy the sunglasses online and then get lenscrafters or someone else to make perscription lenses? Or will this be more expensive? I want the cheapest route possible. They dont have to be raybans I suppose either
I might be interested if they were cheap, you should probably post this in the mall though as your not supposed to advertise here.
I guess zaf might fit like yarik from the knee up?
Alright, Im gonna try some vikers (they seem to fit larger than yariks, 29's in viker seem to fit like 31's in yarik) and maybe some larkees. How about other brands?
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