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I have a pair of Larkee 88Z without tags, that I've never worn.  Bought them before I joined the Army and now they don't fit at all.   Please email be for quickest response, I will try and get photos up soon.   benolds81@gmail.com
pirate walks into a bar...
Posting my own auction was lame, I feel disgusted with myself and wont do it again CUTUP
So did anyone actually buy these? Impressions? Worn pics? I found a pair in my size, thinking of pulling the trigger...
I have a pair of 30x30 Rabox 713s that I bought from an HonestForum member...I can't imagine them ever ripping. These are the first pair of 713 I've ever owned and from the stories I heard about 713s ripping I expected them to feel really crunchy but they're really not. I actually might be selling them, 30W is a tad too small for me and I kind of don't like the larger leg opening on Rabox...I'll be keeping my Rabox 770 for sure though.
You need some puffy pants like this guy and a miltary jacket to pull that off. Being in war would help too...
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Milla Jovavich[sp?] = <3
I've done it before with hats that have faded and it works fine...dying indigo colored denim to black should work just fine you just have to make sure that you give the article of clothing a couple of washes afterward because the dye will bleed. I just bought the powdered dye you can get at Michael's and boiled up a bunch of hot water and let it soak in there with the dye.
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