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I'm in college and I have a roommate. This guy, he is, to put it simply, very girly. He has more hair products and lotions than any girl, he obsesses about his "acne", and he talks in a very feminine way. However, this guy isn't gay, he's just a straight guy that acts really girly. YET, all the girls love him! For some reason girls can't get enough of him and he's mackin all over the place, while being his really girly, and no offense when i say this, kind of gay self....
I asked this girl to prom that I casually know. Anyway, I got her sn and started chatting with her online. But the more I get to know her, the more arrogant and annoying I find that she is. It's starting to become really apparent to me that her personality rubs me the wrong way. At times, I feel like just lashing out on her for being immature, cocky, or childish, yet prom is just in a week. I feel obligated to be civil to her since my senior prom is coming so soon, but...
Most likely going to Cal this fall. Where do you guys plan to go?
don't be insecure about your skin, be happy with how you are. mascara, hair weaves, heals, they're all fake/illusions that help enhance beauty and they're okay. self-tanning/tanning salons are pushing it
Quote: Originally Posted by sbfan only in america... Only in America will you have a punkass kid blatantly disobey police orders.
I heard from a friend of a friend of the boy's brother. It is said that they guy has had aggression problems in the past. No wonder.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder aa tri-blend style lab belt xr 796 mark nason without the ink, i would've said you looked like a regular joe. but damn the ink pops. makes me want to get mine earlier lol
I'm interested in buying some Koffha 796 31x32, which i believe retails for 200? How would I got about ordering them. Shipping? Tax? help please
Authentic Koffha 796's? http://cgi.ebay.com/BNWT-Mens-Diesel...QQcmdZViewItem
Some sellers use that technique to put their auction at the top of the price group, then they change the price once they get the attention
New Posts  All Forums: