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I am looking for a H by Hudson Yorke strap boots size 9 in US.   Either Beige or black. Does any1 have it? or Any 1 know where I can get them?
If anyone has diesel thavar 8qu white size 28/30 or 28/32 please let me know   with the price.   Thanks
I'm looking for Thavar 8x2 size 28/30 only. Please send me a pm with the price. Thanks
IF any1 has their nudie jeans thin finn dry black coated size 28/30 or 29/30 and wants to sell please let me know.
Bump!! It is in very good condition
Bump!! its open for offer
Thanaz 8LP 30/30 Mint Condition : $70   Nudie Thin finn Organic Strikey 30/32 Mint Condition: $80   Thanaz 8L4 30/32 Mint Condition : $100   Shioner 8X6 30/32 Mint Condition : $80     Shipping: US $10 FOR ANY OTHER COUNTRY PLZ PM ME FOR SHIPPING COST.      
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