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kenny chesney's album is probably going to outsell them both..
there's one opening at the spectrum soon
Quote: Originally Posted by luckee26 haha my teacher owns WHAT THE PHO in huntington beach! go there when u get a chance its good! haha wow you went to rancho? the used to do all you can eat there for like 8 bux? -.-'
anyone here from socal and have been to the golden west swapmeet? you can haggle em and get 3 fake lacoste's for 60 lol. They have boxes and boxes of em in every color, pretty good fakes though i gotta admit. They're nearly identical to the real thing, until you wash em -___-
anywhere but so cal...
Kt Tunstall - Other Side of the World
cobra starship - snakes on a plane =]
confessions of a shopaholic =]
the price? haha, personally i own 5 pairs of slip on jack purcell's
girl likes guy, girl brings best guy friend along to hang out with guy, best guy friend is gay, has a fling with guy girl likes, guy uses girl as cover...yeahhh based on a true story =]
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