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I think just ZATHANSRULE gave the general public some extra information we didn't know before, if there are minor flaws (even the tiniest) he should state them in his auction (he does state the obvious flaws). This could be a huge deciding factor if I was to purchase a pair from "dieselofmiami" or a pair at Nordstrom.
I would also like to know. 49$ sounds like a realistic price lacoste should go for. Here is his ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/VESUVIO1966_W...enameZl2QQtZkm
How do you fit into women's pants without the pants riding up on your crotch?
I think the 1st is fake because authentic lacoste has a lot more dots on the back and tail of the croc, the stiching also looks pretty crappy right above the tag. The last set would be highly suspicious because there's a seller on ebay who sells those same exact colors (designermogul) and in all his photos the inner tag of the croc is blurred on EVERY picture. Authentic lacoste buy it now 35$? Yeah right....
They are available here in Sac, CA. Pick up the phone and give your local store a call.
Yes because there's still a market of idiots that falls for the old seven for mankind trick. As long you don't reveal anything, these should sell.
Quote: Originally Posted by ktb5050 Guys! I just recently purchased Seven jeans from Ebay from ODECCA1980. If possible, could someone give me any info they have on whether or not this ebay seller is selling fake Seven's? I have not received the item yet....so I'm hoping someone has info. If you've got an extra second, look it up for me. I want to catch this dude if he is indeed bootlegging. THanks, Kevin Hey I notice this new...
Fake, the denim looks very poor. Being in singapore doesn't help out the seller much either.
I got my PDC from nordstrom rack earlier today and this is the tag I got. Where did you get yout from? I think they may vary with different cuts and models.
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