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Depends on how you use it, if you need it for class grab a 12 incher. Home user, 14 and up.
I have an Energie jacket, not into their jeans though.
Start the dispute in paypal, they might be scared and simply accept the refund. Tell them you'll cancel the dispute when you get your money back. You have nothing to lose...
It's easy just buy the rare pairs and you won't even want to waste your time with the rest. Keep it to a 7-8 pair collection...
Those are the same exact pairs I saw 3 weeks ago, so I think you got a late shipment...
Quote: Originally Posted by Narciso am i the only one think the cutting of jeans is like ass? Outside the thighs measuring like 50 inches, no.
Too bad the model has a flat booty.
Quote: Originally Posted by BEFORE_DISHONOR ick. I think hillary duff, ashley and jessica simpson, paris hilton, nicole richie, tara reid, lindsay lohan and all the people like them should be put on an island infested with zombies and we should all get to watch them be torn to shreads We wouldn't need to supplies the zombie.
Ebay and the Honest mall are your only places, good luck. If you're willing to pay near retail, your chances goes up. Be ready to shell out 250-275$ for a BNWT.
Where's the flare? I wear the same size in X-rotuck and zathan btw (30)
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