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Quote: Originally Posted by New2Diesel Buy a Mac and save yourself the trouble. Buy a mac and open up a new case of headache. If you know how to run a PC, these problems will never come up anyways.
He was in a music video with Mariah Carey, smooching her, so I doubt it.
You scan your system for viruses and keyloggers, otherwise they'll just be back. Change your paypal pw too.
I live in sacramento, mostly trash here.
Yea the thing with Lacoste is anyone can sport it, male/female, young/old, rich/poor. It's the most common brand I run into...
I had a pair where the micro came off, probaly some manufacture flaw. Not a big deal.
Not much you can do if you paid with bank account instead of CC
You mean this? It's part of the wash. It's also a turn off for me, but not enough to avoid the pair.
Yvan Eht Nioj
Don't like those TR, pockets are nasty.
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