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It's fine, simple = good
Bulk seller + low prices + ebay = fake
Fanny pack
I lost 600$ on a confirm address and even included a signature. So paypal has the final say on every transaction. Once there's a good alternative, I'm jumping the boat. But it sucks since paypal and ebay are the same company.
I size down 1 for clerby, coulda done 2.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anna I'm not gonna read through this thread, first season started here two weeks ago, it seems promising, I'll continue to wath Just order the DVD already...
I like that shirt too, but the huge pink prints label on the backside drew me away : "Brave Funshine Club" WTF?
What would classify as a bump though? Seller could use any of thee expression to hide an actual bump: "All PM answered" "Buyer backed out" "Buyer payed with unconfirm address" etc...
Hell no be patient and you can have a bidding war on ebay for much less.
There's probaly less than 10 26x30 BNWT on the entire planet, nice score.
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