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I accidently voted on 1 last time, when I meant 2, subtract from 1 and add to 2.
Pay for the membership, be active, and someone might help you.
Well the poll is already closed, and if you ask people to post their vote, it will the same people who already voted, open the poll again.
I wouldn't risk all my premium denim at once at a new tailor. You gotta test the water 1st. BTW I pay 7$ for euro-hem, and 10 bucks for bootcut and flare reductions, perfect tailor.
close race, vote for 2nd option :O
Not that surprising considering the weight of that thing, of course it would smoke the others.
Donate all of it to charity.
They had an official fake Diesel store when I went 2 years ago, shoulda took some pics, it was cheesy as hell.
Dispute through Half 1st then try CC company. They might not suspend your ebay account under certain circumstances.
Depends on your body build, I'm about average thighs, not too skinny or athletic. X-Rotuck fits perfect, while other cuts are a tad loose.
New Posts  All Forums: