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I made my x-rotuck 796 into a straight leg and loving it. I have small feet and hate it when they touch the ground, need to do it to the zathan now, because they get no wear these days.
I remember every Diesel @ the rack being around 50-60$ back when premium Denim wasn't so popular. Never find good deals there anymore.
My bookmarks
A pair of sevens that led me to premium denim and eventually Diesel.
Zatini sounds like a damn pokemon, they could of done better with the name.
This might hurt your future sales
Thanks just bought a few.
Looks fine, a tad long if anything.
X-Rotuck is pretty close to a female cut. Same with a lot of other Diesel cuts, just the departments that separates them.
Yea. 12,500 canadian = 10,789.84 US
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