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Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder if you like other cuts, there were a handful of levan washes that had those pockets... Yeah, and some Yariks also I think ( 772? ). But after Christmas' binge I wouldn't like to push my luck with a straight cut... Let's go for something more balanced :-p
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie The rationale is that I can always shoehorn myself into a 32 if push comes to shove, and a 34 can be worn on the baggier side if I don't have any other choice. 34s can be alrgight if you're my size - especially since nobody is ever looking for them! 34x30 here and indeed, nobody wants such a size but a select few ( i.e me ) :-p Damn I should have bought a couple of 70Cs back in the day, now they have...
Quote: Originally Posted by billbonesknows Zathan 87N Cool, thanks!
Hi guys, I am looking to replace my worn out Zathan 70C with a new pair and I was wondering which other Zathans besides 70C and 60F have the same backpockets. Any hints? Cheers!
I don't want to scare you but I think you should keep in mind the following "If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness." Marjorie Garber Enjoy!
60F is very nice, the only problem is that the fabric is very thin... it is a pair for a summer's night out....
Quote: Originally Posted by outdoorzgirl I am attracted to men with dark hair and skin. I think Greek and Arabic men are hot! Hi!
Do you think this is OK or not? Genuine HUGO BOSS black belt reversible, brown - BNIB - - eBay, Men's Accessories, Clothes, Shoes Accessories (end time 16-Oct-07 20:27:08 BST) The page looks very pro and the feedback is ok ( and the price not too low ) but you can never be sure about these things... By the way, aren't Hugo Boss stuff supposed to be manufactured in Germany? I was under this impression ( but then again, I am not an expert and we are not in WWII lol...
real ( do read the auth thread though for your own sake ).
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