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Would need a size 40 + shipping to Europe. Hope I get lucky, here is a picture :
Looking for DBG excess BG84B - W26
Still looking for the freaking DBG excess BG84B in w26... Could I get lucky for Christmas maybe ? ;)
I am quite partial to Diesel Black Gold... but it's not something you can rely on, really.  They are basically all "limited edition" and some sizes ( mine... :( ) are hard to come by.  They are not all good either .. ;)
Still looking for DBG BG84B (excess black with a vintage/beige tint)  in W26 Paying good money... somebody hook me up, I beg of you !
In my opinion, it'll stay way, way more fitted. I was no lying the first time around ;)   It ll obviously loosen a little bit more - you cannot expect a raw denim to remain that form fitting around the thighs and whatnots but you have nothing to worry about.   You don't have the "chicken leg" (which is the main issue people tends to have when they start to size down several times), and a very fitted upper block - even though you have started breaking-in the jeans...
Well it's not a precise science either. By design, DH are meant to be rather relaxed and they do stretch, like all raw denim... Still your pair looks tight to me. I can see no wrinkle at all around your thighs that kind of things. I have a sneaking suspicion :  I think you might freak out because of the waistband / top upper block  : the clasp construction really unique, but it's not as secure as a real button. It feels different, no matter what people wants to make you...
I don't think you have anything to worry about. It really depends on the "fit" you want to achieve to some extent. And with your size range, you can have a few pairs, with a looser/tighter fit, quite easily. It's a good thing honestly.   I'll give you my example : W26 are relaxed from the start - cause I am super small and skinny.  And so : I can only wear them as "tight" as Nito wears his new UMC on the previous page...  and it can get looser trust me ;)    Sure, it's...
I guess they are raw... I think raws are really the way to go with DH anyways. Slimane's washes were epic, but that's definitely no longer the case and you just cannot go treasure hunting forever. The "cool wash" are going to be 10 years old before we know it :( Speaking of which, how do you beak-in your raw ? Personally I just wear them as high as they go and let them slide by themselves until they hang on the hips. What's about you guys, do you sag / wear them low right...
Is anyone available for a proxy from the US to Europe ? (Diesel online store)
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