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Thanks hun!!! Why are you not the CEO of R&R yet???!!!
Hey! Are these real or not & how do they fit? Thanks!!
Annie2venus- La Senza is 30% off this weekend so don't feel so bad if you buy something! LOL
Hey i was wondering if you guys could let me know if these 3 are real or fake? Could you also tell me what they are and how they run! Thanks!
they look great on you! What size are you/what did you get?
I saw those!!! I'm debating if i should get the 27 because i'm a tts 28! Show us some pics when you get them!!! edit: Actually the ones i saw were a BIN for $299.99 so you really got a great deal!!!!!
I see a lot in a size 27 and was thinking of getting that but i guess i gotta look for a 28 then. I asked about those jeans about a month ago when i did an auth check and someone said they ran a size big (the auction was for a 29) so i passed! That's why i figured since i'm a TTS 28, maybe i should get a 27 but i'm always in between sizes so i'm not too sure! I'll let you guys know what i get!
Hey! I'm interested in the Kasandra Death Metal jeans in Incessant wash! Can you please tell me how they fit and what is the colour of the jeans? Are they more on the blue/dark blue side or more black? Or did they make more then one kind? I want the ones with the lighning bolts" in lack/grey/white stitching! Thanks!
anyone??? Its ending soon!
Hey! Are these real or not? Thanks!
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