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Hey can you please tell me if these are real or not & how do they fit? Also, if they are real, should i go for the full length or the crops? Thanks!
Yeaaahhhh!! Thanks
One of my most wanted pairs.....are they real? And they run a size big right? Thanks!
Wow those went for pretty high! I was watching the 27's. The weird thing was i could've swore i saw it about a week ago & then i did a seach for "newly listed" & they came up so i'm not sure if they had more pairs or put a few more days on the auction. How do people get there pics so clear? I can never do it!!!!
Are these beaded? Fake or real? TTS? Thanks!
Yeah!!! Thanks!!!
Are these babies real or not? Thanks!!!
Hey! Are these real or not? How do they fit? Thanks!
I wish i could go to but Cali is sooooo far from Toronto! If anyone is going and could pick me up a few pairs, i'd love that! PM me!
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