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I don't want to ask for a partial refund just because the jeans look really used & the thread is all coming apart from the logo!! I emailed them & we'll see what happens. Someone mentioned that i paid custom fees/taxes, not duty so i can't claim anything back which is fine because i fully understand that when receiving something into Canada! I'm just appalled by their lack of honesty to fully show & decribe an item to its real state! Now i have to pay $15-16 to ship it...
Thanks sevenheaven! This is so upsetting! I would never ask a seller to devalue the price of the jeans but these look so used! I don't want to keep them & to ship them back from Canada to the US with a tracking number is around $15-16. You should see how they shipped it too! In this little cube sized box. When i looked at it, i said my jeans are in here? $240 value & they ship them like shit all crumpled! So i guess i should ask them for a refund before making a claim with...
have a big hole in them!!! A few weeks ago i won some kiedis nitric sigs on ebay. The seller said they were like new, only worn twice, no flaws. Ummmm BS!! I got them today & they have a big hole in them under the ass cheek! They NEVER mentioned in the auction about this and they ended up adding more pics in and in one of them you can kinda see a tiny flaw there so i thought it was a snag! But i can put my finger in it! Also, the threading is coming apart in the sigs. What...
That really sucks but maybe they send out an automatic email saying they've been shipped right after you win not realizing that they were out of stock? Let us know what happens!
Is there going to be a seperate thread for CP's & requsts for people gong to this sale or should we just post in the wanted forum? I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to write it here & want a few things!
Something about these look so disgustingly off!!! These are to be fake! I have a pair of these and they don't look all wonky like these ones do! These are supposed to be a 27 like mine but look at the ass! Its huge, the R's look too long, & if you look really close, the silver looks like its been glued on! I found them on eBay! See for yourself! Item number: 170222934122
Quote: Originally Posted by kissmequick They're called Control Break. I believe they're now on the R&R website as well. I saw them on the R&R website last night! But i'm yet to see them on eBay
I think i might go for full length since i'm in Toronto & we don't get very long summers here!!!
Those are so freakin' hot! I thought they were silver strutters at first until i looked closer! They fit you perfectly! What are they called?
Thanks hun!
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