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Wow those are so nice! Get them & post pics! TK512- which jeans are those in your avatar pic?
They had about 4-5 of my most wanted pairs and now they are all sold out! *cries*
Hey denim_addict what is the pair at the top left hand corner? They look like they are shaded form light to dark! Great hauls everybody! I am so freaking jealous!!
I wish somebody could let us know how the selection is or has anubody ever ordered from their online store? Apparently this company has hosted sample sales in NYC & L.A. so i'm hoping it will be good! I'm 99% sure i'm going to go! But i guess it will never be like the famous R&R sample sale in L.A. Now that's dreaming LOL
Hey everyone! I saw an ad on another forum for a sale for R&R, 7FAM, etc. being held from July 25-27 at a hotel in Richmond Hill & i was wondering if anyone has ever been to their sample sales or purchased from their online store? Is it worth going and is everything authentic?? Please ket me know....this is exciting news if you live in Toronto or surrounding areas!!!! I saw the ad on redflagdeals but you can also see the ad on their site: theartofshop.com I'd...
^I sent them back only because i had been in a situation where i got sold a fake cosmetics product and had to ship it back first with tracking in order to get my refund, which i did. I'm trying to access the paypal page right now & its taking forever so i'm not sure if its down or not but i can access every other page!! grrrrr just my luck! I'm going to keep trying & once i get thorugh, i'm going to escalate it!
Thanks everyone i will definetly do that especially since i held up my end of the deal! I sent the jeans back with tracking and that came out of my pocket, which is expected. First they said they were out of town the first time i tried contacting them and now again??? So who accepted the package. I'm so done trying to be reasonable with this seller. I don't want this crap to drag on!!!
So here's a little update!!! I sent out the package last week with tracking (i paid $24 but its fine!) & i posted on paypal to the seller that it was sent and the seller responded on the 24th that they would let me know when they get it. On the 26th i tracked the package and it said item successfully received on the 25th. So i then posted a messge to the seller saying i tracked the package and it was delievered. They replied saying that she is out of town and will let me...
Great!! Hopefully i will have my alphas by the weekend then!!!
I just came home and checked my email and they said they would be refunding the difference! They have very good customer service! I can't wait to get my gold alpha logos!
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