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I'm glad i even remembered to bump this thread a few days ago! I just checked out the sale & there is no crazy prices!!! I mean, i checked out their stuff when i first heard about the sale so i figured even 40% off of those prices would've been good but i'm seeing $10??
i decided to bump this because i'm scared we will forget about it by the weekend!
Quote: Originally Posted by JEANius WTH is Winner's? Is it like Neiman Marcus? Not even close! LOL Its the Canadian version of TJ Maxx or Marshalls.I think they are owned by TJ Maxx actually. Majority of the time, its a massive mess in there. I always feel like i'm at a yard sale but once in awhile you can find some great stuff! They also have Runway Winners with more high-end designer brands. There have one in downtown Toronto but i haven't...
Did they have these in any other sizes? Why don't i ever find anything good at Winners??
^Thanks! I was just about to re-edit my post....i found them on eBay and i see the ad! I was pretty sure they were from ebay but then i thought maybe i'm thinking of e.denim or something. I can't wait to see what will be in the sale! I guess it will all be BIN?
Aren't they an eBay seller? Either way, R&R on sale...i can't wait!
Are those alpha? I'm dying for those jeans with the gold R on them but i only find fakes on ebay or nothing in my size! I don't think they look feminine on you! Great find!
Thanks! I love them! I had a dream the other night that i found a pair! hahaha
Sorry to bump an old thread but does anybody know what these are called? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by bradl i love ur av ^ LOL thanks! I get a lot of compliments for it! She was a wild cat though but my baby! TK512- thanks for the link, i love your jeans!!! What are they called? I must begin the search for them hehehe!
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