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Thanks! I didn't get them! The wash is way off! I want the real ones though!
Thanks! If you look closely at the pic, there are no crystals. I guess they are irregular/samples?
Hey! I was wondering if these are real, how they fit, & what style/wash they are? They look whiskey to me but i want to make sure! Thanks!
^ Ugghhh the daily denim "sale" what a load of crap!
Quote: Originally Posted by denim_addict WOW, that was a major let down....I agree, the kids had a much better selection. Guess I'm off to the outlets. Let us know what they have! I'm in desperate need of some good retail therapy! That sale was depressing! But on a happy note, my boyfriend bought me Alpha Kurts on Sunday for my birthday but we paid CND retail! Trust me, you don't wanna know!!!
I'm so badly disappointed with this sale. I was hoping it would be like the ruelala one. I hope they have soooo much stuff left over! Can't you get most of the jeans cheaper at Off Saks or the Rack?
I'm so excited for the sale to start!!! Thanks for the code! It really helps me out since i'm in Toronto and the US dollar is scary right now LOL Less then half an hour to go and then........... LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
I usually wear a 27 and these were a tiny bit snug for me because they don't stretch too much. I would say stick with your size unless you are really pushing up a size. I think i just have to break mini in but they still need to be hemmed!
Quote: Originally Posted by WeLoveDenim An inside source at Hautelook tells me the R&R sale will be for women too. Also they have Diesel coming up, Loomstate and those are both for men and women supposedly! The only one that they said will be mens only is Joe's Jeans. I hope this is true! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! Hautelook ships to Canada, right?
So the R&R sale is only for men??? I'm still upset i missed the ladies ruelala sale
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