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  I agree!
hi, from what i know 8b9 rungs a bit larger... for 8ne i suggest u size down 1. this fabric stretches like a mofo. mine stretched so much i had to toss it out... such a shame really.  
Hi, there, I also wear grim tim broken black and six other pairs of nudies all in waist 28. I weigh 120-122 pounds about 5.8 height. Any thavar in waist 28 is usually a bit loose on the legs and very loose on waist. I could prob easily fit into a 26 as diesel seems to run TWO Sizes big.   Also you can shrink them in the wash but they stretch back out and if you wash them alot you might looose  the 3d detailing and stacking in the bottom.   Since your going for a...
Hi.   I have owned many diesels over the years i love their jeans, but im the same way. in size 28 the hips and calves are okay while waist is exactly two inches too big!   For this reason alone i moved over to nudies their size 28 fits me perfectly and so far ive bought 6 pairs of nudies. Slim jim,Grim Tim & Thin Finn.   In Canada size 28 and below Is NOT available.   I recommend buying smaller waist 26 in Diesel if you can find or trying other brands...
It does, Washed my shioner 880W's recently and the bottom of the jeans were completely flat when i took them out even the creases on the top but i still wear the crap out of them.    
Nixon T-shirt Shioner 880W(28X32) Penfield jacket True religion hat   Sorry for the quality of the pics
I just hope Canada gets this wash, Not even the diesel flagship store gets every item europe gets.
They do look great ! but my size 28.32 is already sold out and id end up payig 180 in duties ( i live in canada ). Plus why is asos always selling above retail? ill go look for them in Holts, They didnt have them last week when i got my shioner 880W
Is this thavar 888P? I was going to buy shioner 74y but i think ill go for these instead.  
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