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There is a  lot of good designer brand, Diesel is one of them.
I always feel this is the place to get helpful info . Thanks
I am wondering too, They have almost every size and do Diesel make size 25 ?
looking to get the Shioner 8pj , they have my size . Anyone experience  this site? safe and real Diesel ?   http://www.diesel-jeans-sale.net/diesel-shioner-8pj-slim-jeans-p-28.html
Purchase: nudie thin finn org. strikey used G Star new johnson over shirt
De Soul !!!
Thanaz is more like slim skinny and Darron is straight cut.  Comparing Darron feels more comfort fit and room for the leg vs Thanaz more skin tight and skinnier look but it also depends on the wash too.
sold 8MZ whats left is 8k2 for $90
Not much of Diesel collection   Darron 8k2 Darron 8mz Thavar 8x2 Thavar 880G Thanaz 008P     My Darron collection are for sale. Let me know if anyone interested. size 26/30 .
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