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Brooke is hot too, but is it just me or did she look like a guy from behind because tall model has little butt? HaHa. anyway, I like them sort of relaxed thru the thigh I think they fit well enough on my thighs when i sit down without suffocating them, so this is what i'm most comfortable to wear and still look stylish/not sloppy.
I'm quite happy with this pair of J Brand Walker..it fits all the right places even after it's hemmed, not too tight or loose.  i'm almost tempted to buy a second pair just in case when this pair eventually worn out.   I wonder if anyone try pepe jeans? http://www.pepejeans.com/en/denim-gallery.html not sure if it's a new brand or not, but the models are definitely hot with those jeans :)
I think i'm gonna exchange this pair for a pair of jbrand straight cut instead of this tapered one.. i do like the fit and it hugs the hip quite well in 29, however, i don't really like the tapered style that creates all the honeycombs under the knees area. The quality of J Brand is pretty good though.   Also, i find that my AE jeans fabric is a lot softer than J Brand even though J Brand is clearly higher quality, maybe because it's less dense... is there anyway i...
just got it today..they are a bit more tight than i thought they would be, it's definitely a new style for me as i hardly wear jeans that fit and don't want to look too girly as a guy. let me know what you think of them. what kind of clothes should i wear with them.  
I gave it a shot and ordered the j brand dylan slouched tapered fit in river rock color  http://www.singer22.com/man/140914o266.html I ordered it a size down to 28 since they don't have 29, but i usually need a belt to be tight on waist and i hear j brand jeans strench out so i think 28 would work fine. I am quite anxious to try them on and hope for the best, i will take some pics once i got them!
I don't think i will get the diesel jeans after all, they are a bit too slim for my liking.. i would however get 2 more different washes of AE jeans instead.. and still save half of what diesel would cost.   Anyway.. I think i should post a photo of my favorite jeans (AE relaxed fit) which i hear is actually (much slimmer than last years fit). with alternative burnout tee and hoodie.
cool.. i just called today and they have the cut and size at a downtown diesel store, so i guess i will actually go to my local diesel store and try them on.
i just checked and found out my waist size is 32'' with a 29/30 American Eagle relaxed fit jeans. So I guess a 29 would be good?
hmm.. they look alrite to me, though i am more keen to the wash on koolter.. btw, Does Diesel run small or big? I wear 29/30 on AE, 7FAM jeans.. should i go a size larger or get 29 as well?
i checked the diesel site and can't find any Safado with a wash that i would wear.. I think i will give it a chance and get the Koolter 0884F and see how they would fit.. the link here again http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/detail/tskay/230223AD/cod10/42193739MO/mm/125 I'm thinking i could wear it well with a pair of converse since it's tapered and some causal tee to look put together.. My hope is that they won't look too skin tight on the thighs area ,and it's tapered...
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