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http://store.robertocavalli.com/navigation.asp?tskay=5CE3DCD9#/searchresult/item/season/main/c/491/gender/U/mm/390/cod10/42187488TG what size do i buy in these!! button closing!
Baltimore, you are a such a nice guy. Appreciate every word u r telling me. Now, taking advantage of you, i wanna ask u another question. Im buying this thavar and a just cavalli jeans. I like more the second one. Here u can see it. As it has button closing, should i buy a 34 too? Remember that i use 34 in almost every pair of jeans i buy but in the other hand, button closing allows u to have a wider fit due to the buttons itself. Im just realizing that, in case i buy a...
so the tag size of the waist, for example, 34w never matches 34 inches????  
So you suggest me to buy, for example, a thavar 8w7 33? i was very interested in the thavar 8aa but its mide rise and just heard that fades out a lot because its really indigo.
Thanks man, im buying a 34 then. Im kinda worried because i have the fear that the sizes goes different with different washes. However, better a little wider than tighter.
Appreciate the reply man. I use to wear 34w armani exchange skinny jeans. Curious, because in the size chart at diesel.com says that 34 (34W) is 86 cms and im wearing a comfortable 34w armani skinny denim. However, better wider than tighter, right?
Thank God I found this topic. Need some help here. Im buying these two models. Thavar 8aa Thavar 8w7   Im a 6'2'' guy with long legs and also wide hips. Should i buy a 34? I use armani exchange skinny jeans and im wearing 34 for a 93 cms HIP. Big guy! Please, help!
im a 6'2'' guy with wide hips but long legs. My waist size is 93 centimeters. What size should i go for? 34? i use 34 but converted in centimeters doesnt matches 93 centimeters. Please, need some help.
in a 6'2'' guy would be nicer? the problem is that i have some hips. my waist measures 93 cms, so, in thavar what size should i buy? would be my first pair. I usually use armani exchange skinny jeans in 34.
Need some help. Does the sizes of an armani exchange skinny jean matches a diesel's size? I mean, im a tall guy and have some hips, im tall also, like 1.88 and i use 34 waist. This pair of armani suits me very well and wanna know if i could buy a 34 thavar 8aa or maybe a 33. Extra info: im 94 cmts waist
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