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Thank you all for your honest answers!    Love, Camie http://www.lovecamie.blogspot.com
So I am a Diesel newbie, and I'd like to know how Diesel Jeans compare to other leading brands.  How do they stand out, what makes them different, what do you love most about Diesel Jeans?   Thank you all for your kind responses.   Love, Camie http://lovecamie.blogspot.com
I think it is because they are so thick. And I think no matter which ones you choose they are booth good choices.     Love, Camie http://lovecamie.blogspot.com
Hello, On first glance they look identical but upon closer look I find that I favor the right pair. It all came down to the laces for me. The left side is laced up like it's for grandpa and the right side looks more laid back younger for me. I choose the same as you; the right.     Love, Camie http://lovecamie.blogspot.com
Hello, Interesting question.   I've spent $500(back when I thought money grew on trees), and Free for some really precious finds! Either hand-me-downs or DIY projects.     Love, Camie http://lovecamie.blogspot.com/
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