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Hey guys Does anybody carry a dior homme jake 2011 size 31 or 32, that year  where they sized very big? If so please PM me, or if someone knows where i can get the jeans please PM me :) Thank you guys ..
Hey guys Was hoping to find a Dior Homme jake 19 cm cut on luisaviaroma, but it doesnt seem like they sell it at the moment? Anyone can help me on this? Thanks!
How come they are called "jake under my car"? Is it a mix between two diffierent washes or?
I just saw this pic of DB wearing his Jake's which i first thought was 17.5 cm. but after jeanetic posted about his 19 cm. im confused about which cut they are? Jeanetic or anyone could you ID his cut...
Whats up guys.. I've been wanting to buy the "foggy day" for a long time, but haven't seem to be able to find it. Anyone who knows where i can get it? And also, does it come  both in 17.5 cm and 19 cm? Thanks a lot you guys.
Hi guys. I know my post isn't directly directed on a Dior Homme thing, but since i've been looking at this for ages i take my chances on this forum. Im looking at this coat that David Beckham wears at several occasions. Anyone could help me ID the brand of this coat please? Thanks a...
Nope, there isn't .. I dont wanna debate that anymore, either.. And don't worry i'll post whenever i feel like, but thanks for the heads up!
If i say" My jake 17.5 cm is more snug than diesel thanaz" it doesnt imply that i have a pair of diesel thanaz at all! ..Actually, since i state that MY jake 17.5 cm is more snug than diesel thanaz, it would be correct to understand it as i just was talking about diesel thanaz in general and not a specific pair of thanaz.. And this is how you put it, so it would be obviously to interpretate the sentence as that! And you do not even specify anything about the 17.5 cm...
    You do NOT say that you are talking about your own jakes in sentence number 2. And you do not say MY jakes about the 17.5 cm so how should i know that you even own a pair of jake 17.5 cm? So it seems like you are talking about jake in general, and thats why i correct you. So i do NOT make things up or put words in your mouth, i use your own words! And i just misunderstood you because you didnt say it in the exact way.
You said that the 17.5 cm is from 11 aw (as they dont have a 17.5 cm from 12).. Thats not true, they have 17.5 from 11 and 12.. And they aren't similare at all, thats just all :).
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